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All the Trocko accessories are disigned to install in Trocko roof racks baskets.
Hi lift holder
Porta gato Hi lift instalado
Porta gato
Hi Lift Holder
Gas tank holder
Tank Holder
Wheel Holder
Shovel Holder
Wheel carrier
Shovel holder
Light Holder
Light Holder Hinge
Clamp bike carrier
TJ Bull bar (98-07)
Protector Pads
Rain Gutter
Protector pads
Porta tanque montado
Tanque y porta tanque
Porta llanta
Porta llanta instalado
Porta pala
Porta pala instalado
Porta faro
Porta faro instalado
Porta faro bisagra
Porta faro bisagra frontal
Porta bicicleta Car-go
Porta bicicleta Car-go
Burrera instalada
Esponja instalada
Cejas botaguas
Cejas botaguas instaladas
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roof racks basket
4x4 accesories
Wheel carrier
Protector pads